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Lori’s Tips For Trips:

Proper Packing Prevents Problems

By Lori Klein
What’s the most difficult part of going on a trip? Planning? Air tickets? Hotels? The thing which I find hardest is packing. I hate it! But like the rest of you, I love traveling and must face this formidable task. Therefore, I have compiled a few hints that I've found make trip preparations less painful.
  • Pack Light. No matter where they’re going or for how long, many people believe they can't survive without the kitchen sink. If you can’t carry it, don't take it!

  • Limit changes of clothes. Why worry about matching color schemes? Limit yourself and concentrate on the real purpose of the trip—Having fun!

  • Forget the appliances. Don’t weigh down your bag with an electric razor, hair dryer or radio? You’re on vacation. Let your hair down.

  • Prepare for the unexpected. Layers work best. If the weather changes you can put it on or take it off.

  • Think twice. Go for clothes that serve a dual purpose such as a waterproof jacket that can also be worn on an evening out.

  • Don’t fold, roll. This is definitely the most compact and best way to keep your clothes from getting wrinkled.

  • Save your favorites for home. If you can’t bear to lose it, don't bring it.

  • Keep the essentials close at hand. Never pack away travelers checks, passport, tickets or any other important documents. A small day pack holds a number of things and can easily be slung over your shoulder.

  • Take time. Packing a little in advance gives you time to rest and a chance to make last minute changes.

  • Always pack the basic skin protectors. Chapstick, hand lotion, bug repellent and sun screen can make your trip more comfortable.

  • Prescription drugs. If you take a prescription drug, bring an adequate supply for your trip and a copy of your prescription.

  • Appropriate dress works best. Because dress styles vary within each culture, visitors to foreign countries may find themselves in the uncomfortable position of wearing attire that's too revealing or casual. Dress comfortably but practice good-judgment.
So next time you’re ready to head off, try a few of the above hints. They may just make having a good time that much easier!

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