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Bhutan Tours

Travel far away to a very special place, a storybook land where kings and queens still rule and castles perched high on cliffs look down upon peaceful valleys. Here, farmers plow their fields as their grandfathers did—no tractors or other noisy machinery to disturb the serenity of the countryside. This is a land where spirits and other supernatural beings are part of everyday life, where yeti travel invisibly through snow-covered mountain passes and magic is looked upon as historical fact. Magnificent scenery, friendly people, and a culture completely different from anywhere else on earth.

Bhutan Explorer Tours

Our Bhutan Explorer trips are the best way to discover this unique country. You'll visit its exotic cities and beautiful countryside, discover its culture and history, and meet the friendly Bhutanese people. All of our trips are fully guided by a professional English-speaking Bhutanese guide. They include all meals, lodging, admissions, and transportation within Bhutan. Best of all, they are exclusive—the group is limited to you and your companions. The trips are available from February thru May and August thru November.
7-day Explorer Trip
10-day Explorer Trip
11-day Explorer Trip

Trekking in Bhutan

You can make this once-in-a-lifetime trip even more memorable by adding a trek to your Bhutan Explorer trip. Our treks are led by an English-speaking Bhutanese guide, and are accompanied by a cook, to prepare delicious campsite meals, and horses, to carry equipment and supplies—you only need to carry your camera and daypack. All equipment is included. You bring only your sleeping bag.
4-day Gangtey Trek 9-day 1000 Lakes Trek
6-day Hot Springs Trek 10-day Jhomolhari Trek
8-day Druk Path Trek

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Schoolboys in Bhutan wear traditional clothing
A Dzong in Bhutan
Prayer Wheels in Bhutan
Bhutanese Weaver
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