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“Hello Lee. I want to stress how much we enjoyed our hiking of the Dingle Way in Ireland. We met the nicest people, who were so friendly and helpful and stayed in lovely little towns, in great B & Bs. The scenery was spectacular! If you ever get the chance to do this hike we highly recommend it.” Read More
Bonnie & Morris Papich
Thunder Bay, ON Canada

“Hello Dave. We are back from out trip to Mexico and had a wonderful time. Thank you for your wonderful organisation. We enjoyed the food, hotels and everything on the itinerary. The arrangement in Mexico were excellent. Please thank your team there for all they did to make out team a success. I have now achieved my seven wonders dream and will have to decide on a new bucket list. Thank you all at the Californian Native!” Read More
Penny Mackrory & Heather Bullen
Mogale City, South Africa

“We recently returned home from our trip to Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). The highlights included several days in the archaeological area of Bagan, visiting hundreds of old temples. We also enjoyed seeing numerous religious buildings, covered in gold leaf and jewels, containing many sculptures of Bhuddha. It was a thrill to walk along the streets of the fabled cities of Mandalay and Rangoon (now known as Yangon) and see the fascinating culture on Inle Lake. Thanks for organizing a great trip for us.” Read More
Gloria & Ned Krier
Tucson, AZ

“I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how thoroughly this trip [Chiapas and Yucutan] surpassed my expectations. It really was a magical trip for all of us—one that we will never forget. Thanks for all you did to make this trip so special for all of us!” Read More
Bonnie Brunt
Spokane, WA

“It was the trip of a lifetime – actually 3 trips in one, since the experiences were so different in the Inca region, the rainforest, and the coastal desert.Thank you so much.” Read More
Barbara & Ashley Blankenship
Los Angeles, CA

“I want to thank you for providing an excellent tour. This was a trip I’ll never forget. I had an extraordinary experience in Chiapas and Yucatan and hope to return to continue to study and improve my Spanish! In a very significant way the success of it was due to the excellent service and professionalism provided by CalNative.” Read More
Mardis Nenno
Spokane, WA

“We had a fantastic time [in Costa Rica]. I don’t know how you do it! Every connection, transfer, and trip arrived and delivered. Never had to make a call to check anything. I have told everyone who will listen how good you are.Thank you all very much and look forward to traveling with you again.” Read More
Jean Dook
Almeria, Spain

“Hi Dave. We finished our Copper Canyon Tour a few days ago and I thought I would provide some feedback on our trip. First, thanks for setting it all up. Everything worked out great and we had an incredible experience. I will certainly recommend The California Native to others.” Read More
Steve Donaldson
Calgary, AB Canada

“I could not be more pleased with this trip. Just abut everything exceeded my expectations. While I have extensive travel experience, I have never before used services of packaged/guided tour. This trip taught me the value of utilizing the experts. My experience overall is so positive that I’m already planning another trip to the Yucatan peninsula.” Read More
Judy Theodorson
Spokane, WA

“My family took a California Native vacation in Yucatan. I want to thank your company for a wonderful trip that it organized for us.” Read More
Olga Muratova
Los Angeles, CA

“Our trip [China, Tibet & Everest] was great, well organized. All guides were professional and knowledgeable. Hotels nice and clean, personal polite and helpful.” Read More
Jirina Welch
San Jose, CA

“Keep making your excellent itineraries, everything was so easy! We loved having reservations made. Not needing to get taxis was a welcome luxury to have. All our needs taken care of. We will call you again!” Read More
Sandy & Harry Scott
Asheville, NC

“It was all just wonderful, food was great, all arrangements were just great, the hotels were great too! Rob Aikins is amazing. I could write a book on all the things he handled & how patient and understanding he was. His knowledge of the area and the contacts (he knows everyone) are fabulous. I would definetly recommend this tour [Copper Canyon] to friends.” Read More
Carol Schlafly
Nashville, TN

“Thanks for organizing a wonderful trip for us in the Copper Canyon (we took the 5-day independent.) It was just the right “taste” of this spectacular and fascinating area.” Read More
Charlie Stephens
Olympia, WA

“The bike tour was incredible and met my expectation for challenging and beautiful rides. The people in the group were far more interesting than I expected. We cycled through amazingly beautiful country scenery. I loved the challenging rides. I greatly enjoyed the tour guide. It also, turned out to be a fabulous group of people on the bike tour.” Read More
Jan Okumura
Placerville, CA

“I want to thank you and California Native for arranging our recent trip to Costa Rica. The itinerary was perfect for us. We had a marvellous trip and thank you for your efforts in arranging it on our behalf.” Read More
Chris Grenning & Jim Dickson
New York, NY

“As a veteran traveler I have worked with many tour guides, some more adept than others, but none more earnest and attentive than [The California Native guide] Rob. Being far the oldest member of our travel group I had some concern about keeping up with the rest. Rob was always there to be of support when needed, but never offensively obvious.” Read More
Mary Fitzgerald
Malibu, CA

“We recently returned from your Ultimate 11-Day tour of the Copper Canyon. We both agree that this was by far the greatest vacation we have been on. Everything about the tour was first class and much more than we had expected it to be.” Read More
Bob & Ginnie Thurler
Brooklyn Park, MN

“Machu Picchu cannot be adequately described. One has to experience it, and trekking the trail heightens the anticipation like a good story. Machu Picchu’s capacity to evoke the power of imagination not only offsets the “Inca Travail” it supercedes it. This to me is the true testimony of its potency” Read More
Tom Thiss
Excelsior, MN

“Thanks for (arranging) our recent trip to the Copper Canyon as independent travelers. The train was excellent and the scenery was spectacular! Our side trips to the villages of Batopilas, Cerocahui and Creel were interesting and exciting. Our overnight in Divisadero was unique. It was a great experience!” Read More
Phyllis & Arnold Aho
Marquette, MI

“California Native sent Rob Aikins from San Diego as our guide, Rob was excellent. Great personality, loaded with local knowledge, an awesome wit and ability to deal calmly and politely with any off the wall situations. Rob spoke perfect Spanish and at every stop knew just about everyone we met. He worked diligently to make our trip a seamless time where all we had to do was enjoy the experience while he attended to the detail of herding cats. He left nothing to chance!” Read More
Ted McGrath
Vancouver, Canada

“A trip to Copper Canyon is one that I would recommend without hesitation. Beautiful scenery, friendly people, comfortable train and hotels. It doesn’t get much better than that.” Read More
Carman Cunningham & Lucile Griffiths
San Rafael, CA

“I liked the balance between your organization and our freedom. The scenery [on the trip] was incredible and your arrangements were excellent.” Read More
Tessa Godfrey
Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, England

“Everything worked exactly as it should have. The trip really included everything—even specialty shops (ice cream in Merida). The hotels were wonderful and the food was great. Where else can I travel with The California Native?” Read More
Jim Whilden
Bethleham, PA

“California Native did an excellent job of preparing and executing the tour [in Copper Canyon]. They rate an A+.” Read More
Jo Rawlins Gilbert
Menlo Park, CA

“I had the trip of a lifetime [in Copper Canyon]. Will recommend your organization to everyone who stops to listen to all the wonderful stories I have to tell about the trip.Thank you so much I feel I have found a gem in the travel world.” Read More
Jean Dook
Almeria, Spain

“My wife and I took the 8-day to the bottom trip in February of this year. Thank you very much. It was a wonderful trip.” Read More
David & Stephani White
Wilsonville, OR

“We had a fantastic time [in Costa Rica]. I don’t know how you do it! Every connection, transfer, and trip arrived and delivered. I have told everyone who will listen how good you are!” Read More
Jean Dook
Almeria, Spain

“I wanted to thank Laurie, Dave, and Lee for the most perfect trip possible to The Copper Canyon and Baja..I wouldn’t have changed a thing. All the experiences that you planned for me were ideal, the weather was perfect, and great hotels…especially the one that overlooked the Canyon. The only thing I would have changed is having more time in Copper Canyon and Baja…but that is the way a perfect vacation should end! I so appreciate the expertise, and all that you and The California Native have done for me.” Read More
David Isaacson
Boston, MA

“We are sad to be finished with our “10 day to the bottom” California Native Copper Canyon adventure but we are so glad to have had such a fantastic trip. The train ride was amazing, the natural and human history of the area is very interesting and diverse, the Canyon scenery and immensity is almost indescribable and you can’t get the true scope of the canyons unless you are there. The trip to Batopilas down THAT road was incredible and our driver was excellent!” Read More
Stan Williams
Calgary, AB Canada

“Your attention to details and your total service were excellent. There were no “glitches” in our trip. Before the trip when we had questions, we felt that you “bent over backwards” to help us. We really appreciated that. I know it was a bit complicated because you were dealing with us in Puerto Vallarta. You answered our emails promptly—thank you!

[On the trip] everything went like “clockwork.” We were struck with the grandeur and immensness of the Copper Canyon. The Torres Hacienda boutique hotel in El Fuerte “blew our socks off”!!! We were unprepared for such luxury on this trip. It was beautiful, comfortable, friendly and the service was beyond excellent. World Class restaurant!! Thank you for making our trip such a happy memory!”
Frank & Carol Chandler
Halifax, NS Canada

“Once or twice in a lifetime we get to experience and feel an adventure that exceeds our loftiest expectations. This trip [to Copper Canyon], from the primitive woods to the elegant city of Chihuahua, has been such a trip. Thanks for the excellent tour.”
Ginny & Bob Schultz
Tucson, AZ

“We have traveled quite a bit in the last two years and this is the best time we have had. All the stresses of travel were taken care of for us, which just left fun. Great guide. Great group.”
Teresa Grabham
Markleeville, CA

“More fun than advertised. The small group size and like-minded travelers made for an exceptional experience all around.”
Eric & Wendy Bardrof
Williamsburg, VA

“Our guide [on our Ireland bicycle trip] was excellent. The selection of restaurants and bed and breakfasts get an A+. I loved Galway. It was nice to have a rest day in Roundstone. The trip was well planned and excellent, as usual. Loved the charm and beauty of the countryside.”
Jo Rhoton
West Point, UT

“Jessica [our guide] has a true passion for Mexico and it shows in her enthusiasm. She was able to share this passion with all group participants.”
Jane E. Herring
Houston, TX

“We had never been on a tour [before] but will certainly think of one in the future—but not those ugly 30 to 45 person bus tours. Thank you.”
George & Roma Croy
Duncan, BC, Canada

“Fantastic trip. We learned so much. Our guide was excellent and very attentive to individual needs and preferences. She tailored the trip to the combined personalities of this group such that everyone was truly delighted by their experience.”
Tina Shelton
Pomona, CA

“New experiences, beautiful landscape, lots of good conversation and laughter. Kudos to our guide—friendly, organized, knowledgable—I had no idea how well taken care of we would be.”
Pat Sinervo
Toronto, ON Canada

“One of my retirement goals was to travel to Copper Canyon and this trip exceeded my expectations. There are absolutely no regrets, just lots of wonderful experiences and many long lasting memories.”
Bob & Jean Daily
El Cajon, CA

“I want to thank you for arranging our recent trip to Costa Rica. The itinerary was perfect for us. We particularly liked Tortuguero, seeing the diverse range of birds and animals during our exploration by boat along the canals and the long boat trip out of the national park, when we briefly entered Nicaragua. Monteverde was wonderful too; we even saw the elusive quetzal and a green toucan in the rain forest. The white water rafting trip on the Pacaure River was terrific and we loved the overnight stay at the rustic lodge on the river; it was a little bit of paradise. In San Jose we attended a performance by the National Orchestra of Costa Rica at the grand old National Theatre, which was a fitting finale to our visit.
     Congratulations to California Native for having such impressive local contacts. Our guides were expert and friendly. We had a marvellous trip and thank you for your efforts in arranging it on our behalf.”
Chris Grenning & Jim Dickson
New York, NY

“I had a fantastic carefree vacation in some of God’s most beautiful country—canyons, waterfalls, music, birds (first time for acorn woodpecker and white-eared hummingbird). Thanks,”
Letty Volpe
Weslaco, TX

“My friend and I went to Copper Canyon—what a wonderful trip this was. For us this was the ideal way to travel. You made all the arrangements and we did the rest. The organization was absolutely flawless. The hotels were great, especially the Torres del Fuerte and, of course, the Hotel Mirador in Divisadero. Even though we were late arriving in Los Mochis, our taxi was waiting to drive us to El Fuerte. The taxi driver was cautious and competent and put us both at ease. It was great that we had two nights in several locations. It made for relaxed traveling and a chance to really walk around.
     A real treat is the fact that there were no TVs in all the hotels, except for the Best Western in Creel. We turned on the news and turned it off fairly quickly. We were on vacation!
     The train ride was all we were hoping for. We stayed most of the time in the bar car of the train, talked to many people and looked out of the big, clean windows. We had a ball.
     I have read letters from your clients and all the good things they said about you were true for us. In Batopilas we ate at Mika’s. Great stuff! Our driver Arturo told us colorful stories about this magic town and made us feel less like tourists.
     We thank you very much and hope to hook up with you again.”
Ingrid Lewin
San Diego, CA

“Respecting my recent trip to Copper Canyon with your company, to begin Rob was an outstanding tour guide in all respects. He is highly competent, knows his facts and he was a pleasure to be with. I count Rob as a new friend. In regards to the trip itself, it was a thorough adventure. It seemed in some ways as though I was stepping back in time one hundred and fifty years—except for the modern amenities. I particularly enjoyed the cultural aspects of the sojourn, dealing with remote peoples and villages.
     Batopilas was exceptional, and in my view the high point of the trip, although there were many other singular experiences as well. This remote village was a joy to visit, and, as I am a serious photographer, a pictorial feast. Another aspect of this particular experience was observing the village inhabitants interacting with one another. They take time to enjoy one another’s company, something that is disappearing in western culture.
     Further, this is the first time I have ridden a train since I was a child, other than a brief experience in Europe. I thoroughly enjoyed the train and the various cultural experiences along the rails. Our first night’s stay at Torres del Fuerte in El Fuerte was a special treat. The old world charm at this hotel was particularly memorable.
     Throughout our travels the food was great. In particular, the cooking at the restaurant in Batopilas and at Diego’s—Paraiso del Oso—was outstanding. One other note: I had some of the best guacamole of my life at a small restaurant in Creel that Rob took us to. I’ll not soon forget this outstanding travel experience. Thank you for a wonderful adventure.”
Robert Bolton
Wellsville, UT

“We just returned from our 11-day trip to Copper Canyon. We wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The overnight accommodations were distinctive and varied. The itinerary was also varied and well thought-out. We packed a lot of wonderful places and activities into a relatively short period of time without ever feeling rushed. And we appreciated the small size of our group and the fact that, much of the time, we were well away from the main tourist track.
     Rob [the guide] was terrific. He worked hard to accommodate everyone’s needs. Rob is clearly well-liked and respected by the local folks in all of the communities we visited. We very much appreciate all the hard work he put into ensuring that we all had a wonderful, memorable trip. Thanks,”
Larry and Linda Emerson
Bishop, CA

“Greg and I have only been back two days, but we are convinced this is one of the best trips we have ever taken (the 11-day Copper Canyon guided tour).
     We generally avoid tours, wanting to explore on our own. But we never could have arranged a trip like this... the sites were so carefully chosen; each lodge was not only unique but chosen so that we could experience the diversity of the area. Obviously care and attention was paid to the quality of the food (it ranged from very good to outstanding), And the choice of excursions allowed us in such a short period of time to get a really intimate glimpse of the culture, the terrain, and the history of this area.
     As a guide, Jessica Jerman is outstanding. We are definitely recommending this tour to our friends.”
Janice Druian
Terrebornne, OR

“We’ve just returned from our Copper Canyon Adventure and it was every bit of that. Thanks so much for a well organized, well disciplined and virtually letter perfect itinerary. Would we do it again? In a heart beat! Thanks for preparing what turned out to be one of the best trips of our lives.”
Jack H. Scaff Jr., MD, FACSM
Senior Aviation Medical Examiner
Honolulu, HI

“The people of Copper Canyon, the scenery and the culture impressed us much more than we expected. There were no hitches in the schedule or itinerary set up by Cal Native. Throughout the trip everyone we encountered was helpful and friendly and very tuned in to making our trip memorable.”
David & Judy Kennedy
Glade Park, CO

“I recently went to Mexico on the [Copper Canyon] trip with Wyatt Wells as our guide. I want to congratulate you on having such an amazing young man working for your company. He did an outstanding job shepherding us around. He went far beyond my expectation of a guide. He knew many of the locals, which added extra interest and fun to the trip, was very accommodating and kind. I will definitely use California Native again, especially if Wyatt is guiding the tour.”
Warmest regards from the desert,
Marty Colvin
Mesa, AZ

“A lot of trip [Copper Canyon] for your buck!”
Diane & John Berkshire
Kansas City, MO

“This trip [to Copper Canyon] provided an exceptionally good balance of activities: spectacular scenery, train ride, hiking, cultural experiences, history, opportunities for buying meaningful mementos and comradeship with fellow travelers. All the meals were excellent, the accommodations well-chosen and varied.”
Jennifer Zobelein
Oxnard, CA

“This was one of the best trips [Copper Canyon] I have ever had. It's obvious that you work very hard to make things smooth and enjoyable.”
Alan Best
South Lake Tahoe, CA

“I am writing to report on our trip to Myanmar. I want to compliment you on your choice of operators and let you know that they were terrific. I simply cannot use enough superlatives to tell you how great they were for us. We could not be happier and would be delighted to be references.”
Maureen J Fleming PhD
Missoula, MT

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the trip to the Copper Canyon. We had a wonderful time. Everything was setup to a tee, ran very smooth [and] was clean and comfortable. We met a lot of really great people traveling along with us from all over the world. To look out and see that wonderful, amazing canyon, was quite an experience. The food was really tasty. We would definitely do this trip again.”
Don & Kathy McNeil
Didsbury, Alberta Canada

“I loved all the hiking opportunities. Such an amazing area [Copper Canyon]! I loved the adventure of the drive to Batopilas—arriving after all this effort into such a special little town. One of my favorite things of all was the way Marcia [our guide] interacted with people. Her warmth and enthusiasm was welcomed everywhere and made us feel part of the places we visited. It's an honor to share in that welcome. Keep up the good work!”
Karen Hurst
Seattle, WA

“I was very pleased with all parts of my trip—[the] Amazon, the jungle, the Andes, the fantastic hotels, the research station, Machu Picchu—Everything! Both guides were extremely knowledgeable, personable, and professional. South America and Peru were even more beautiful than I expected. California Native arranged a fantastic vacation for me.”
Sally Farabee
Holland, MI

“I just wanted to let you know how well our trip to Copper Canyon worked out. Three of us went down on an unescorted tour. All arrangements came off without a hitch, all of the staff at each hotel were helpful and attentive to our needs and of course the scenery was fantastic. The Chihuahua al Pacifico railroad was first rate. It was a pleasure doing business with your company, there were no unexpected surprises and everything you agreed to provide was provided.”
Tom Reeder
Peoria, AZ

“I just returned from a 9-day trip to Costa Rica organized by your company. First, I must tell you that I and the other 4 people in our group felt that we got a very good value for our money and would definitely consider your organization for our next trips. All the personnel involved with our stay in Costa Rica were extremely polite, helpful and well informed.”
Luis Conti
Woodinville, WA

“An amazing experience...perfect weather...splendid trip. The variety of accommodations was a strong plus. Much as I appreciated the comforts of the Best Western Lodge at Creel and Holiday Inn in Chihuahua City, Juanita’s in Batopilas was my overall favorite. Every place we stayed added to the pleasures of this trip. Fred Grote was the perfect guide for our group. He made sure everyone enjoyed a memorable trip.”
Rose Anne Goodrow
La Mesa, CA

“My wife and I had a tremendous time on our trip to Peru. Everything was done well, the guides were excellent, and the facilities above our expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services.”
Pat Donnelly
Macatawa, MI

“I had a wonderful trip with California Native and am sincerely glad I found you when I was looking for a way to visit Copper Canyon. Thank you.”
Anne T. Herbert
Atascadero, CA

“Thank you for the trip you organized for us. Everything went like clockwork. Your choice of hotels is fine, they were all nice. Our lack of Spanish did not prove too much of a problem; you find they know a bit of English, we know a bit of Spanish, and with the occasional help of a phrase book you get by quite well. Thanks once again for an excellent holiday.”
Paul & Janet Heard
Plymouth, England

“The 11-day Copper Canyon trip met all our expectations and more...my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We would recommend it anytime.”
MacDonald Caza
St Zotique, QC, Canada

“The trip (to Costa Rica) was well planned. The hotels were very good. We saw a great deal of the country on this expedition and, in spite of the rain, it was a wonderful experience. Thanks to all who made the plans.”
Helen Hoffmann
San Gabriel, CA

“I was completely satisfied with the trip (to Copper Canyon). It far exceeded my expectations—going down to Batopilas and the views of the canyon. I thought the whole trip was awesome.”
Inez Stevens
Seminnel, FL

“Thank you, Lori in particular, for a wonderful time. All members of the trip, eight Americans and six Canadians, got along so well. I hope that we will meet these people again.”
Dave Secord
Omemee, ON, Canada

“I wanted to write to tell you what a fantastic time we had (on our Costa Rica trip). For starters, we loved the Hotel Santo Tomas with its staff of dear and considerate folk. We couldn’t have asked for a better, more beautiful place to stay in San Jose. We also loved Tortuguero. Our tour guide, Isabel, was great and we saw more wildlife than I can mention. Then when we got off the boat in Puerto Viejo, we were met by tour guide Roger who adopted us and took us everywhere around Tilajari. Everywhere we met with reliability, graciousness, courtesy and extremely informative guides. The river rafting was fun and exciting. Ruth, age 74, took her first rafting trip. Thank you so much for making this a great trip.”
Elise Peeples
Berkeley, CA

“Well, what can we say? We had a fabulous time (in Costa Rica). Everything went very smoothly. The hotels, meals, transport and tours were all great. Thanks for arranging such a great tour for us.”
Ted Dubinsky, MD
Seattle, WA

“Lori was a terrific guide with exceptional knowledge of and sensitivity to the people we encountered, particularly the Tarahumara. The trip exceeded my expectations due to our wonderful, capable guide. Thanks!”
Jacquie Gray
Ottawa, ON, Canada

“We recently returned from your Ultimate 11-Day tour of Copper Canyon. We both agree that this was by far the greatest vacation we have been on. Everything about the tour was first class and much more than we expected it to be. What really made the trip successful was your Don Fuchik. This was the first guided trip we have ever been on. We now have so much knowledge about the history of this area—especially the people.”
Bob & Ginnie Thurler
Brooklyn Park, MN

“The trip to Copper Canyon was glorious in its scenery and all I had envisioned—being up close to the Tarahumara Indians was fantastic.”
Martha Namerow
Hamden, CT

“We are now back in Hawaii and had our film developed. We have many scenes of the train trip from El Fuerte to Divisadero so decided to send one with our sincere thank you for the wonderful trip to Copper Canyon! All the arrangements you made were perfect. We were taken care of, the train trip was comfortable, hotel rooms clean and the view of Copper Canyon was fabulous. Thank you for a great trip.”
Helen & Jack Randall
Honolulu, HI

“The excursions to the different islands (in the Galapagos) were fabulous—seeing all the awesome animals up so close and having our own personal guide and driver in Quito.”
Bill & Fran Garland
Huntington Beach, CA

“The trip (to Copper Canyon) exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The pace was great—not too much down time and not too much sightseeing time—a nice mix. The train ride was delightful. I loved Batopilas, eating in the homes and wandering around the village. I enjoyed learning about the Tarahumara Indians, visiting their caves and schools. Don was the best tour guide I have ever been with. He was a friend to many of the people that we met, he selected great places to eat, and he had lots of information and many personal experiences that he shared with us. It was great to meet so many of the locals and seeing them in their homes, at their jobs and at play was exciting. The best tour that I have ever taken!”
Shirley R. Simmons
Glendale, CA

“We learned a lot more (then we expected) about the Tarahumara and the clinic (at Creel). We made really good friends with others on the trip and expect to continue the friendships via email. The tour guides and drivers were great, as was the entertainment.”
Tom & Beth Robinson
Apple Valley, MN

“I highly recommend California Native to those who are making the Costa Rica adventure for the first time (as we were doing). We got an exceptional overview of Costa Rica and had a memorable experience. Lori Klein was professional, helpful, enthusiastic and provided many extras above and beyond...a lovely person to spend 12 days with. We feel very fortunate to have had her for our guide.”
Patricia C. Matlick
Raleigh, NC

“I just wanted to let you know how well our trip to Copper Canyon worked out. All arrangements came off without a hitch, the staff at each hotel were helpful and attentive to our needs and of course, the scenery was fantastic. The Chihuahua al Pacifico railroad was first rate. It was a pleasure doing business with your company.”
Tom Reeder
Peoria, AZ

“Thank you so very much. The trip was beyond my expectations...the peace that the Indians conveyed has permeated out! A trip to be remembered forever.”
Rosemary Gray
Granada Hills, CA

“We had a great time on the Copper Canyon trip. It was a wonderful trip. Everything went as scheduled and the plans you made for us were great. We took the van to Batopilas and it was well worth the ride. Very exciting and not one I would have wanted to miss. El Fuerte is a particularly nice town. We were invited to a fiesta which was a birthday celebration for some descendants of the original founders and there were relatives brought in by bus from all over Mexico. A really fun evening—dancing horses, free beer and food and lots of music. Another highlight was our stay at Divisadero. A beautiful facility, wonderful service, outstanding scenery. It was so peaceful that it was hard to leave. Thanks for your good planning efforts.”
Donna & Russ Redick
Anchorage, AK

“I had a wonderful time and I appreciated the thoughtfulness that obviously went into structuring the trip. I have recommended your company to many people and will continue to do so. It was a very good experience; thanks for making my vacation so enjoyable!”
Alison Miner
Arlington, VA

“One cannot imagine how beautiful and impressive the Copper Canyon is until you see it from the top and from below and meet some of the Indian people.”
John & Jane Rolfes
La Mirada, CA

“The guide (Lori) was fabulous—the best we have ever had. The close up meeting of people and history/background information of the entire area shared by the guide was excellent.”
Glenn Storck
Collierville, TN

“I just want to thank you for another great trip. We just returned from Costa Rica. All of our guides were exceptionally well-informed and mindful of the environment, and boy, did they have eagle-eyes for seeing birds and reptiles on our tours! Isabel was determined that we would see a turtle (on the last day of breeding season) and indeed, she managed to find one for us. Watching the baby turtle run for the sea was truly the highlight of our vacation. We happily refer friends to California Native!”
Marie Immekeppel
Menlo Park, CA

“The more we think back the more we feel the trip could not be improved upon in its unrushed format with unbeatable variety. There was the transport—air, rail, road, walking—the hotels—from colonial villa to luxury Holiday Inn—the countryside—from remote Indian settlement to prosperous state capital. We could go on about the people we saw, the food we ate, etc. in the same vein. Altogether a great experience.”
Ken & Audrey Chandler
Bristol, England

“The train was so clean and comfortable compared to the many trains I have traveled on. The food and service was excellent! I was pleasantly surprised by the stops we made. The accommodations were very good to excellent. I liked (the hotel in) Chihuahua City very much, it was so clean and sophisticated.”
Janice Hope
Holman Travel
Santa Barbara, CA

“The beauty of the Copper Canyon and Don’s exceptional knowledge exceeded our high expectations. We will recommend the trip and California Native to friends, and we would happily travel with you again.”
Joe & Carol Bailey
Perrysburg, OH

“Fred (our guide) has a good sense of humor, knowledgable as well as organized. So glad I finally took this trip.”
Roseanna Woods
Santa Rosa, CA

“Thanks so much for setting up our Copper Canyon trip. It was a great experience! We met new friends that I’m quite sure we’ll see again. The accommodations were ”just right,” and the hosts were very gracious. And, your California Native name was an instant solver of any language problem. The most enjoyable part of the trip for me was the trips through the countryside, seeing the people in the fields, passing through the small villages with the small kiosks selling delicious smelling foods cooked on grills outdoors. I also learned a little more not to be afraid of new things and new people. Thanks again for your service, and please keep me on your mailing list. Another enthusiastic California Native traveler.”
Diane Kelly
Eagle River, AK

“Dear Lori: We have just completed the trip of a lifetime, due in no small measure to your skills as a tour leader. You have a terrific personality and an unusual ability to deal with people. Your knowledge of this region made the trip all that more interesting. Your enthusiasm and energy are incredible. You have a very sympathetic feeling for the Tarahumaras. We hope that at some time in the future our paths may again cross.”
David & Jacquie Gray
Ottawa, ON, Canada

“Lori could write a book on her knowledge of the Tarahumara people. She is so compassionate to their ways and needs. I’ve come to really love this country so much that I am planning to return again. The Tarahumara people and all the peoples native to the region are wonderful. The places we stayed at were very clean and the people were all as helpful as could be. The trip was advertised perfectly—the Ultimate Adventure Tour.”
Ron Fuge
Rialto, CA

“Just a short note to let you know that our trip through the Copper Canyon was a success! We are thankful that we took the van trip to the bottom of the canyon (Batopilas)—the scenery was fabulous!”
Roy & Frances Nishi
Walla Walla, WA

“The canyon was even more spectacular than I expected. Fred was a super guide. Have never had a guide so accommodating and attentive. Also, he had unfailing good humor, lots of energy, and fascinating stories.”
Ann Lunsford
Indianapolis, IN

“Just a note of appreciation on how smoothly everything on our vacation package was handled. We were greeted by a friendly hotel representative the moment we arrived at each destination. The hotels were conveniently located and very clean. (The) view overlooking the canyon at Divisadero...was a highlight. My personal experience on this trip will make it much easier to sell this destination (to) people who would also enjoy this marvelous experience.”
Rose Langenella, President
Cruises Your Way, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ

“I was very pleased with the trip. It was a great adventure. The canyons were even more spectacular than I had imagined. Hotel Tejaban was a lovely surprise. Don was excellent! Very knowledgable, helpful and personable. His phone call prior to the trip was greatly appreciated.”
Cathryn Veltre
Mesa, AZ

“Lori’s interactions with both the Indians and Mexicans gave us so much contact with everyone. She made it so easy for each of us in the group to enjoy each other by bringing out everyone’s best. Our hikes and trips were so varied. It seems as if we got to enjoy every aspect of the cultures and the areas that could possibly be reached and fitted in.”
Dorothy Colburn
Middletown, DE

“I am living proof that an 89½ year old man can thoroughly enjoy the entire trip to the bottom of the canyon and be impressed by the different and beautiful sights.”
J. Ray Zimmerman
Minneapolis, MN

“Fantastic! From now on when I close my eyes and envision Costa Rica I will picture brilliant butterflies, vibrantly colored flora and fauna and rainbows. We enjoyed the country, the guides, the activities and would be happy to act as a reference for your company.”
Karyn Strickler

“Way beyond expectations. The trip was absolutely wonderful.”
Christine Clark
Philo, CA
Letter in TravelAge West Magazine:
“I just returned from a fantastic trip to Copper Canyon with The California Native. This was a first-class trip all the way—from before we left our home until we said goodbye at the airport. The trip featured a spectacular first-class train ride into the Sierra Madre Mountains. When I first saw the canyon in Divisadero from our picturesque lodge at the rim, I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not in heaven. This was a very casual and easy trip for all ages. The (California Native) called us to inquire whether we had any last-minute questions. And while on our tour, they kept us informed with handouts about the next day’s excursion, what we would be seeing and the history of the area. They made sure we were satisfied with everything.”
Barbara Mespell
Fly Aweigh Travel
El Cerrito, CA

“Four years ago we visited the Copper Canyon on one of your trips and we haven’t stopped talking about it, so much so that we hope to do it again next year, this time with our two daughters. Your service was superb and we wouldn’t consider using anyone else. If you or any of your colleagues are ever in Scotland please let us know so that we can make you as welcome as you made us.”
Ian F. Campbell

“Appreciated seeing the best of Costa Rica. A great variety of activities.”
Phyllis Snyder
Westminster, CA

“The scenery everywhere was magnificent. The people we met were delighfully friendly. We saw everything we expected to see and learned a lot. Lori was delightful in every way. Not only in her friendly manner with us, but in the ease in which she was able to communicate with all the local people. Her organization was faultless, and her dissemination of information was excellent.”
Art Hawley
Huntington Beach, CA

“I’ve climbed in the Himalayas, walked over lava tubes, but I have never done anything like this. Fantastic. And the people in the group were wonderful. Lots of fun.”
Dorothy Maurer
Moss Beach, CA

“The California Native guide was excellent. He was full of knowledge on a wide range of subjects in the area. He was available for help, questions and support. His humanitarian interest in the Indians was evident. I appreciated the handouts and videos. This was a very educational tour. I came expecting to see beautiful scenery, etc., but after seeing the Indians my focus changed. Now I’m more interested in them, their culture and future.”
Judy T. Briggs
Virginia, IL

“It was a spectacular trip in every way—particularly the scenery and the trip companions. Don (the California Native guide) gave us prodigious amounts of Mexican history and information about the Tarahumara, which was most welcome and interesting.”
Helen E. Mildner
Carlsbad, CA

“Dear Chuck: We thought that you might like some pictures that I took on the Copper Canyon tour. We really enjoyed the trip, but, what made it more enjoyable was having you as our tour guide. We felt very lucky that all the people in the group were so nice and easy to get along with. We thought the trip was a very worthy experience and something we’ll never forget. Your knowledge, experience, helpfulness, and especially your personality made the tour a great success.”
Harry & Chita Horii
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“California Native is the way to go. The California Native guides are the best in the world.”
Annie Albright
Granite Bay, CA

“Your planning was exceptional. Everything went like clockwork.”
Norma Smith
San Gabriel, CA

“Everything was perfect! After having made the trip (to Costa Rica) we wondered why it took us so long to decide to go there in the first place! The accommodations were great, the guides were knowledgeable and delightful, the food was an experience, the tours were exciting and educational and the country beautiful. We enjoyed every minute of our vacation—even the rain. Thank you so much for putting us at ease. There was never even one glitch. Be assured that whenever we can, we will highly recommend The California Native.”
Walter & Carol Pruter
Los Angeles, CA

“I don’t think our guide or any other person could have done a better job or been nicer. I hope that some day we can take another trip with Don...(he) went out of his way to make our trip great.”
Bill Dickinson
Chesapeake, VA

“We were delighted with the services you performed, with the choices we made, and that we took the trip. We felt that we received the best treatment possible from hotel personnel as a result of being your customers. We would have no hesitancy about recommending your services to anyone.”
Vern & Dorothy Reynolds
Ketcham, ID

“Lori is an exceptional guide. Her knowledge of the area and her fluency in Spanish were very helpful. She has a wonderful way with people—very compassionate, thoughtful and kind. She is California Native’s greatest asset.”
Kay Jackson
Omemee, ON, Canada

“We would like to thank you for the wonderful experience your staff arranged for our independent trip to Copper Canyon. Everything was on time and ready for us. We really enjoyed all the great places, Batopilas, Urique, Cerocahui, etc. Our favorite was Paraiso del Oso, where we met the friendliest people in the world. We’re looking forward to another experience with you.”
Terry & Beth Dorrell
Ferron, VT

“Quite an adventure—appreciated seeing the different regions of Costa Rica.”
Janice Lubeck
Mokelumne Hill, CA

“Wonderful trip. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The California Native guides were easy to travel with—lovely people, warm and friendly, cared about their group, shared their knowledge and experience at every opportunity— they made the trip great for us.”
Howie & Jean Silverstein
Jericho, NY

“I highly recommend California Native to those who are making the Costa Rica adventure for the first time (as we were doing). We got an excellent overview of Costa Rica and had a memorable experience.”
Patricia C. Matlick
Raleigh, NC

“Kelly and I both had an absolutely fabulous time in Costa Rica. Everything you guys set up for us went perfectly. We will definitely tell our friends about California Native.”
Heidi Rockwell
Clinton, NY

“I think I had a smile on my face from the time we landed in Los Mochis until we left Chihuahua—I loved the trip. I exercised both my body and my mind thanks to such a terrific guide, Don.”
Kathy Emmert
Walnut, CA

“The trip exceeded expectations as far as the beauty of the canyon. The view from the top was nice, the trip down and at the bottom was exceptional. You need to really go down into the canyon to see the beauty of the area and its people, rather than staying on the rim as most tours do.”
Jean & Fred Fischle
Villa Park, CA

“The small size of the group allowed the activities to be very well personalized to everyone’s individual needs.”
Bryan Rickard
Topanga, CA

“It was really a spectacular journey. I couldn’t help but feel that somehow Copper Canyon is the very heart and soul of Mexico.”
Carolyn Kreisman
San Francisco, CA

“Georgene and I want to thank you once again for the wonderful experience you and your staff set up for us in Copper Canyon. Your counsel was right on target and the trip arrangements were perfect. Our visits to Batopilas, Urique, Cerocahui, El Divisadero, and Creel rank among the finest experiences in our extensive world travels. In every respect—starting from your office to our return to the states—an exceptional, enjoyable, adventurous, and educational tour. Many thanks! If we can ever help to convince someone uncertain about the trip, we’d be happy to help.”
Edwin J. Merrick
Los Osos, CA

“We wish to thank you for the well conducted tour of the Copper Canyon. We had good meals and accommodations. Everyone had a most enjoyable experience. P.S. The folkloric dances were outstanding.”
Ray & Janet Fields
Manhattan, KS

“Costa Rica has something for everyone! Marvelous country. Really enjoyed my visit. A unique trip. People are so helpful and friendly. Nice sampling of Costa Rica. The California Native guides are the best!!!”
Joi Chase
West Hills, CA

“Both Ken and I would like to express our appreciation for the fine leadership on the Copper Canyon trip. Most impressive was the (guide’s) sensitivity and interest in the Tarahumara Indians and how this understanding was reciprocated by the Indians. These skills were a fine example for all of us to follow.”
Peggy & Ken Swanson
San Diego, CA

“It was a beautiful trip—everything was perfect. Such a country and good new friends. Here is to more of it.”
Leona Sparks
Los Angeles, CA

“Excellent guide—did nice little extras for group members and was very accommodating and patient. (We) liked her rapport with the Indians. Appreciated having all tips included in the tour cost.”
Don & Ann Corley
Temple City, CA

“Enjoyed everything. More than met our expectations! Lori (the guide) is a wonderful person as well as a great guide.”
Frank & Marcy Webster
Columbus, OH

“Thank you so much for arranging such an exciting and beautiful trip. The scenery was breathtaking, the train trip extraordinary and the Tarahumaras so interesting and talented. This Copper Canyon Tour exceeded my expectations. I will certainly recommend The California Native to my friends.”
Estelle Calson
Los Angeles, CA

“The trip provided a wonderful sample of the many experiences Costa Rica has to offer. Our days were packed with memorable adventures. We particularly enjoyed the emphasis on birds, plants and animals and the interrelationships within each environment.”
Lila & Wally Aurich
West Hills, CA

“We just had to tell you how wonderful the Copper Canyon trip was. We enjoyed every minute from the beginning to end—the accommodations were perfect, good meals and a terrific itinerary of hiking, exploring and seeing an interesting culture and a beautiful area. We really want to say thank you for a well thought out trip. We hope we can join you in the future for some other point of interest.”
Jack & Betty Kinney
Downey, CA

“The trip was well planned and run. The California Native guides were unbelievably helpful and considerate. Our comfort and desires were always of prime concern to them. They made the trip most enjoyable.”
Jill & Jay Michtom
Northridge, CA

“The Copper Canyon trip was fantastic! Especially interesting were the days in Batopilas. The ride down and up was absolutely spectacular. I’d highly recommend this trip.”
Myron Oakes
San Marino, CA

“A very good trip that exposes one to many different places and experiences in Costa Rica. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.”
Jack Scharf
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“Beautiful, wonderful trip. Enjoyed it thoroughly.”
Betty Birnbaum
Torrance, CA

“The country to me is breath taking. I loved the Canyon. I especially appreciated the fact we were only six people.”
Sarah Shuldiner
Los Angeles, CA

“Costa Rica is beautiful and I loved everywhere we went and everything we did. Seeing wildlife in their natural setting was the biggest thrill.”
Connie Norton
Prescott, AZ

“The Copper Canyon Adventure trip that you and your staff arranged for me and my husband turned out perfectly! Everything was just as you said it would be. As soon as we got off the plane, someone was there to meet us. A driver was always ready to take us to and from the various train stations and there was never any problem with our reserved seating.
     The town of El Fuerte still has a lot of colonial charm. The Paraiso del Oso took us back to old Mexico’s ranch days. Doug, the owner here, went out of his way to show us the surrounding canyonlands and his wife made sure we had the best of fresh homemade Mexican cooking. When we arrived at the Copper Canyon rim at Divisadero, we couldn’t believe that our room had such a spectacular view—just a few yards away from the canyon rim! And yes ... the Copper Canyon is equal to the Grand Canyon in grandeur.
     Out of Creel, we had the good fortune to have a driver and guide from heaven. Oscar, along with his two children, took us down to the bottom of the canyon at Batopilas. He was an excellent driver, guide and interpreter, and I sure didn’t mind that his Chevy Suburban happened to have air conditioning! It was like a family outing. We spent two days in the friendly atmosphere of Batopilas. One day we went with Oscar and his family to the ancient church at Satevo and later we enjoyed a hearty dinner together at the home of his friend, Doña Mica, who served us tasty, home-cooked local dishes on her cool, plant-decked porch.
     It’s very apparent that you and your staff at California Native have thoroughly researched the Copper Canyon area. A lot of residents know you and you knew the right places to send us. I really believe it when you say you put a lot of work into planning these adventures.
     Thank you! ... from both of us. Your efforts are enthusiastically applauded and we had one of the smoothest-running, problem free trips we’ve ever taken!”
Mary Lee & Randell Sanders
Sonoma, CA

“The travel arrangements were seamless. Everything appeared to happen effortlessly.”
Connie Stout
Studio City, CA

“I must be dreaming—on a moonlit beach, silent outlines of people watching a giant turtle laboriously burying its eggs, before struggling to the surf line and disappearing without a sound; the crocs, monkeys, birds and butterflies of the Caribbean coast; the flora and fauna of the cloud forest, where plants compete for the diffused sunlight and giant frogs co-exist with the tiny red ones reputed to be the source of poison for arrowheads; plants growing on plants in strange partnerships; monkeys watching from treetops and vultures from above. The profusion of life, the colors, sounds and smells still haunt me, and cause me to question the reality of so many memories crowded into 12 days. Was San Jose really graffiti free? Did bus drivers really stop dead just to point out a sloth or a rare bird? Did our companions, solid citizens that they were, exit the rafts in mid-river, to free-float down some rapids? Were those false-eye butterflies THAT big, the iguanas that tame and the volcanic eruptions for real? Perhaps it will all be easier to believe after the photographs of my recent California Native trip to Costa Rica are developed.”
Adam Kliszewski
Los Angeles, CA

“I’d seen California Native’s ad months ago and called for a free copy of the newsletter and brochure on Costa Rican trips, because I was somehow “drawn” there. I’d never done any kind of organized “tour-type” travel before; the emphasis on the natural environment of the country, as opposed to museums, cathedrals, and other historical sites attracted my interest.
      The realization that these were small (8-12 people) groups was another plus for me. But like many other travel fantasies any of us may have, I was not then ready to commit myself. So it went on my inner “back burner,” flaming up and dying down a number of times until mid-June. Still not sure what I wanted to do in my free time, which was almost upon me, there in the mail was the latest newsletter from California Native, extolling Costa Rica again!
      It took me only a few minutes to call Lee Klein, to learn more of the particulars, and to promise to make a decision before noon the next day! And so I did! The place, the timing, the cost, the possibility of an entirely different kind of vacation became such an obvious “YES!” to me that I wondered why I’d waited so long to make up my mind!
     During the next two and a half weeks of excitement and anticipation, I also tried to prepare myself for the possible negatives of traveling alone and unmatched for the first time. When our motley crew of ten plus guide met, I began to fear that I’d made a very expensive mistake! Initially sizing up the others, I wasn’t sure how we could fit together comfortably. We all appeared to be so different in subjectively presumptuous ways from one another!!
      I can now honestly and happily state that I was unnecessarily anxious. California Native delivered everything and more than the brochure described; our “motley crew” turned into a tribe and together we were privileged to experience one of the most beautiful, inspiring, unique, enlightening and memorable vacations that perhaps any of us had ever had—and we were a group of very widely traveled, intelligent, articulate, sensitive, good humored people of diverse ages, personalities, interests and proclivities.”
Jane Hale
Glendale, CA

“We were delighted with the services you performed, with the choices we made, and that we took the trip. We felt that we received the best treatment possible from hotel personnel as a result of being your customers. We would have no hesitancy about recommending your services to anyone.”
Vern & Dorothy Reynolds
Ketcham, ID

“I don’t think our guide or any other person could have done a better job or been nicer. I hope that some day we can take another trip with Don...(he) went out of his way to make our trip great.”
Bill Dickinson
Chesapeake, VA

“Everything was perfect! After having made the trip (to Costa Rica) we wondered why it took us so long to decide to go there in the first place! The accommodations were great, the guides were knowledgeable and delightful, the food was an experience, the tours were exciting and educational and the country beautiful. We enjoyed every minute of our vacation—even the rain. Thank you so much for putting us at ease. There was never even one glitch. Be assured that whenever we can, we will highly recommend The California Native.”
Walter & Carol Pruter
Los Angeles, CA

“We did not expect to have so enthusiastic a guide (Don)—He made every situation enjoyable and interesting. His knowledge and love of the area made this (trip) very enjoyable.”
Frank & Charlotte Lahr
Stevensville, MI

“California Native certainly fulfilled what you promised. The trip was well planned, varied, interesting.”
Jean Wendt
Victoria, TX

“Our Copper Canyon trip was an ultimate adventure. The personal contact with natives far exceeded my expectations! Exploring a country through their children is a special joy. It is obvious these people find great joy in their children and Lori’s gentle ways opened many people’s experiences for us in a very intimate way. This could never have happened in another type of tour. I enjoyed the pace/variety/consideration for individual tolerances and tastes. Lori’s expertise as a guide was very evident in how she massaged the group into cohesiveness with everyone feeling validated—this is a special talent.”
Carol Inman
Kingsley, MI

“We were impressed with how smoothly everything went. There were no hassles. California Native had all the arrangements in place—airline reservations, drivers, hotels, meals. All we had to do was enjoy! Thanks! We’d definitely consider another trip with your company. You did a great job for us!”
Anne & Harry Ramsey
Sedona, AZ

“Our guide (on our Ireland Bicycle Adventure) was fantastic. The trip was well organized, great accommodations and equipment, and a great group of people.”
Glen Jackson
Belle River, ON, Canada

“Thank you! We truly enjoyed every minute (of our Peruvian Explorer trip). Guides were well versed in Peruvian history, geology, archaeology and background of towns and villages we visited. The beauty of the mountains and villages and the kindness and friendliness of the Peruvian people were great.”
H. Maureen Beuning
St. Cloud, MN

“The trip was as great as I had been led to believe it would be based on readings and California Native communications. It exceeded all of my expectations. Lori (our guide) was responsible for the marvelous enjoyment and educational experience of this truly trip of a lifetime.”
David Gray
Ottawa, ON, Canada

“I loved this trip so much and am so sorry it has concluded. Jutta (our California Native guide) made it wonderful. Thank you again for a great adventure.”
Linda Hull
Agoura, CA

“I never expected the canyon to be so beautiful or the Lost Church to be overwhelming in its beauty and surroundings. We had the very best guide. Fred kept us updated continually, was very informative, personable, concerned and attentive.”
Sandra Hayward
Norwich, VT

“We must tell you of the excellent 8-day trip we had with Marcia (our guide) recently. She was just the right person for our group of eight and we enjoyed her company, as well as respected her expertise. Our time in the mountains was well spent and well planned. She worked with drivers and hoteliers beautifully each day. Our thanks for your good planning!”
Don & Katie Hodges
New Bern, NC

“The bottom of Copper Canyon was spectacular. There is no way to describe it even with six rolls of film. You must experience it. Don (our guide) was most impressive. He had a great knowledge of the people, language, and places that we visited.”
Joan & Albert Moser
Naples, FL

“My wife, Christina, and I recently completed the eleven day adventure to Copper Canyon. Although we are experienced travelers, this was our first trip into Mexico and the first time we have been on a tour of any kind. We made the right choice in both of these ‘firsts.’
      The size of our travel group was perfect. We had sufficient room in the vans and our meals were around a table small enough to carry on conversation with everyone.
      The canyon region is spectacular beyond our greatest thoughts. The Mexican people we encountered were perhaps the friendliest, most gracious people we’ve met in our travels throughout the world. California Native is to be commended on providing an excellently diverse and always interesting travel package.
      My recommendations to anyone who wishes to visit Mexico is to see the Sierra Tarahumara and do so with California Native.”
Tom & Chris Buretta
Westford, MA

“I enjoyed the relaxed style and appreciated not being busy every minute. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and felt that I got great value for my money.”
Mary Packer
Edmonton, AB, Canda

“The tour was wonderful—truly everything that I imagined it would be. I was awed by the two days in Quito and I think people that fly right to the Galapagos are missing the flavor the country itself. I loved the yacht. The crew was exceptional even to the point of the bartender/waiter giving me chocolate every night, as we were playing cards. Ivan, the guide, knew everything about the birds, reptiles, mammals and plants of the islands and cared so much. He really wanted to impart a respect for the wildlife so that others could continue to enjoy it.”
Judy Mayery
Racine, WI

“Once again we extend our thanks and gratitude to California Native. Our Costa Rica experience was well coordinated—perfectly so—and each of the hotels personally greeted us and served us with gentle hospitality, cleanliness and excellent food. Without exception the drivers, boatmen and guides were highly skilled. Each guide was an expert in the plants, animals, birds, and geography of the area. All were rightfully proud of their country and what is being done to preserve its ecosystems that benefit the rest of the world as well as Costa Rica.
      As we met and visited with other travelers during the trip it was fun to recommend California Native arrangements, services and planning. Next time we will travel with a pocket full of your business cards.
      Hope we can plan another vacation with you soon.”
Tom Kalbrener & Char Wolter
Napa, CA

“Having no idea what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised at every step of the way. The food, the accommodations, the travel arrangements, the train—everything was better than we could have anticipated. The itinerary was superb.”
Mike & Mimi Brady
Verona, WI

“We have just gotten back from a most enjoyable trip to Costa Rica, thanks to you. We had little idea just how wonderful it would be. When I add together the costs of staying eight nights in hotels that ranged from good to excellent, the amount of healthy food that was provided, the hours of often-private driving or boating around the country with plenty of opportunity for sightseeing along the way, and the eight splendid excursions that were provided, I cannot conceive how you put it all together for the price you do. If I were doing it myself a la carte, I bet it would cost at least twice as much. I will certainly think of you again when it comes to planning a trip, and will recommend you to anybody who is even remotely considering one. Thank you so much!”
Roger Brunyate
Baltimore, MD

“Our guide, Jutta, was great! She was informative, lively, considerate, and fun, and she warmly connected with the others we met along the way—officials, locals, children, adding a very nice extra dimension to our whole experience (in Copper Canyon).”
John & Dorena Mitchell
Evanston, IL

“Our 14-day trip (to Copper Canyon) proved to be slow paced enough to relax and enjoy everything. Our guide was an informational delight. She provided help and insight all along the way. She is a keeper. Thanks Marcia!”
Eric & Sally Wrobbel
Escondido, CA

“(Our) days (in Peru) were full of great activities—Sacred Valley was a delight, Machu Picchu was outstanding, and the Amazon add-on—truly exceptional. I fully intend to use your agency again—it was a wonderful trip! Thank you.”
Paul Garland
Westminster, CA

“This trip was well-paced, enjoyable, great companions, a real adventure—more than we imagined! Fred (our guide) was great! He’s flexible, patient, knowledgable, has a great sense of humor—it would be difficult to improve on him.”
Judi & Don Bell
Ooltewah, TN

“Lori is very impressive with her experience and knowledge of this area. Wherever we went she knew almost everyone and their good will towards her spread to our whole group. She really cares for the Tarahumara and they seem to know it. I enjoyed watching her work with native children. She always has a gift for them and enjoys chatting with them. She is an excellent tour guide.”
Jerry Inman
Kingsley, MI

“Robert Konicek was the best guide we have had. He anticipated everyone’s needs and wants. He made everything fun. The small group was just right. Most tours you just get acquainted with a few people. This way you make real friends.”
Jim & Irene Loudenback
Peoria, AZ

“The hotel in Divisadero was beyond belief—the view from our room was breathtaking. Wyatt (our guide) was very informative, well versed in the culture and very accommodating. Overall the best guide I’ve ever experienced.”
Marilyn Lewis
Leawood, KS

“I would recommend the California Native Copper Canyon trips to my friends in the Toronto area. This is a great trip for people who want more than a train ride. It was a wonderful experience to walk along the rim of the canyon as well as visit the towns at the bottom of the canyon. I was impressed with the various modes of travel—from vans to horseback (if desired). The hosts of hotels, van drivers, etc. were all very friendly and helpful. I loved being able to visit the Tarahumaras in their home setting. The ride to Batopilas is an unforgettable experience! Thanks for the great trip.”
Jan Costain
Georgetown, ON, Canada

“My wife, Sandra, and I used your services to visit Costa Rica. The selections you made were just great. Our experience will stay in our memories as one of the finest adventures we shall share with all of our friends. The real treasure was the guides we were hooked up with—so knowledgeable in all aspects of their country. We will be seeking additional opportunities to travel with you in our future. Thank you for such a wonderful week.”
Sanford Smith
Big Lake, MN

“It was a perfect experience, with an ideal guide [Wyatt], who was able to create a balance between ‘guiding’ and our freedom to explore. In its completeness and attention to detail, a first-class experience! Thank you.”
Budd & Sandra Blume
Charlotte, NC

“The views and the trip to the bottom of the [Copper] canyon were spectacular. We thoroughly enjoyed the typical Mexican meals.”
Connie & Lonnie Martin
Spokane, WA

“Just a quick note to say many thanks for your help in planning this trip [to Peru]. It was one of the best coordinated trips I have ever taken. We will refer you to our family and friends and look forward to our next adventure.”
Art Garza
Washington, DC

“What an adventure! Such amazing canyons. A beautiful train ride. The hotels were clean and each had a different and unique character. Two mature women travelling on our own and we felt secure. We feel so very privileged to have made this trip. Thank you for making it possible. Our travel agent was also impressed with the information you provided and you can be sure she’ll be recommending you to her adventurous clients.”
Audrey Langen & Irene Arrell
Victoria, BC, Canada

“The food and service provided on the [Inca Trail] hike by the porters was phenomenal. Good job guys!”
James Mangani
Washington, DC

“Jim and I want to let you know that our trip with Marcia Schultz as our guide was one of the best, most interesting, eye and mind opening trips we have taken. The Copper Canyon itself is extraordinary and travelling through it was made an extra treat because of the great planning by you and your staff. Also, Marcia is a delight to travel with. She’s very knowledgable, pleasant, and really works hard to make everything special for her guests. Thanks for creating such a special service. It really stands out in the world of travel.”
Dorothy Hust
Chanhassen, MN

“A lot of trip for your buck!”
Diane & John Berkshire
Kansas City, MO
Copper Canyon
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